If the power unit appears to be working, the processor fan working, lights are on at the front of the computer but there is no sound from the drives and none of them appear to be working, it’s easy to assume that the motherboard has gone. BUT, before you rush out to buy a new motherboard you should try the following:


The graphics card may have been knocked or become displaced. Take the graphics card out and then put it back, this may cure the problem. If you’ve got a spare graphics card, try a replacement.


Try taking out the battery for a few minutes before restarting. Try a new battery if you’ve got one.


The memory may have been knocked or become displaced, or a memory module may have developed a fault. Try removing, replacing the modules one at a time, and try to start up with and without particular a module.


All the above faults sometimes give symptoms similar to a motherboard fault, but can be fixed a lot quicker, and cheaper, than replacing a motherboard.