Desktop Computer Repair - we are experts in desktop motherboard repair, desktop hard disk repair, LCD monitor repair, Desktop Video Card repair, Power Supply Unit repair. We repair all brands and models of PC or Desktop Computer accessories such as printer repair, switch and router repair. Other services include Data Recovery, Password removal (windows and BIOS), Windows Installation and reformat, Virus and Malware removal and softwarew troubleshooting. 

NADOWS IT Services Cebu (since 2008) is the leading computer services provider in Cebu City offering all kinds of repair services such as Computer and Laptop Repair, Computer Networking and even computer hardware repair such as motherboard repair, video card repair and monitor repair. 

Our expertise is in fixing almost all kinds of computer and laptop problems. May it be a simple reformat / operating system reinstallation, removing viruses, malwares and other unwanted spywares or even to complicated computer repair problem such as computer mother board repair, laptop motherboard repair, laptop LCD / monitor repair and even server setup and repair. 

Our Cebu Computer Repair Shop is located at Unit 105, K. Building, Salinas Drive Lahug Cebu City (across Metro Sports near Cebu IT Park).

If you need to have your computer or laptop picked up at your place or for a home service / onsite computer repair just pick up the phone and

CALL 416-1203 or 0923-940-2999 (sun) or 0917-797-6126 (globe) to schedule a computer technician to go to your place.

OnSite Computer Repair is ideal for small offices with 10 computers or less. All you have to do is call NADOWS TECH SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER 032-416-1203 when you have any computer problems and we will dispatch a Cebu Computer Technician to your office or home as soon as possible. We will only bill you for the kind of work that we perform in your premises. Our Cebu Computers Repair Technician can diagnose any kind of computer or laptop problem. May it be Windows or Mac OS problems, Keyboard installation / Replacement or simple software fixes and installation. If the problem is hardware related we will pullout your unit and give you a claimslip. We do all computer hardware repair in our Cebu Computer Repair Shop. 

We know that not everyone is a computer geek that is why we also offer free tutorial on some basic procedures on how to keep your computers or laptops in tip top shape like basic computer cleaning, basic computer maintenance, laptop care tips, laptop battery care tips, how to defragment a hard disk, how to keep laptop cool etc. These "extra services" are free of charge for all Clients of NADOWS. 

Other Computer repair services available:

Computer Repair Shop is equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair tools. We repair all kinds of computer problems such as software problems and even hardware problems such motherboard repair, video card repair and monitor repair. Our Computer Technicians are available Monday to Saturday 9AM to 6PM to answer to your inquiries read more

Computer Maintenance is ideal for Small and Medium Businesses such as Schools or Companies with 11 – 100 or more computers. This is a fixed amount that you will pay for all the computer services you need. This also includes free training to your employees on how to maximize the use of your computer equipment and what to do to prevent viruses and other computer problems. This service includes on-site repair, remote desktop repair, phone technical support, email technical support and IT consultancy read more

List of Desktop Computer components  that we repair: desktop motherboard repair, desktop video card repair, desktop hard disk repair, power supply units, avr, LCD monitors, CRT monitors, printers

List of LAPTOP components that we repair or replace: laptop motherboard repair, laptop hard disk repair, laptop lcd repair, laptop lcd replacement, laptop inverter repair / replacement, laptop battery repair / replacement, laptop keyboard replacement / repair. 

Other services include: data recovery, printer / scanner repair (all brands), CISS printer conversion, Networking, Structured Cabling, Router and Switch configuration, Internet Cafe setup, game installation, windows and bios password removal.

Why choose NADOWS? Since 2008 we are handling all kinds of computer repair and Laptop Repair services to the following local businesses here in cebu city: PAREF SPRINGDALE SCHOOL, PAREF SOUTHCREST SCHOOL, SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL CEBU, GREEN APPLE DENTAL CLINIC AYALA CEBU, LUCKY TABLEWARE FACTORIES INC. CEBU, OLVIS TRAVEL AND TOURS.

We charge the same for Filipino and Foreign customers.

We charge the right amount for the services rendered.

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.