Laptop Repair -  we are experts in laptop motherboard repair, laptop hard disk repair, LCD panel repair / replacement, Laptop Video Card repair, Laptop Adaptor repair and Laptop Keyboard repair We repair all brands and models of Laptops / Netbooks/ Notebook Computers. We also have a complete line of LAPTOP PARTS such as LCD panels, inverters, laptop hard disk, ram / memory, Laptop Keyboard, Laptop protection covers and all other laptop accessories. Other services include Data Recovery, Password removal (windows and BIOS), Windows Installation and reformat, Virus and Malware removal and softwarew troubleshooting.


Since 2008 we have an established track record in Cebu City in computer and Laptop Repair due to our excellent service, repair expertise and most of all with our 30 day warranty. We specialize in the repair of dead laptops, laptop motherboard repair, laptop lcd repair, laptop hard disk repair, laptop adaptor repair, laptop wifi repair and laptop cleaning. 

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Laptop Motherboard Repair


  • no power / intermittent power
  • no display
  • shuts down in "on-again, off-again" manner


        • overheating of GPU
  • defective laptop adaptor
  • over voltage of power
  • dirty fans and heatsink
  • bad capacitors

Our Process:

We will first identify the problem of your laptop motherboard and replace any defective parts such as a bad capacitor, bad voltage regulator chip, bad integrated circuits, connectors, transistors, zenor diodes, resistors etc and replace them with working ones. We repair all makes, models and brands of laptops / netbooks / notebooks. In the event that we are not successful in reviving your dead laptop then we do have the option of replacing it with motherboard.

Call 416-1203 for Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop LCD Repair / Inverter Repair


  • no display but will display with an external monitor
  • extreme colors (red, blue, green colors)
  • washed out colors
  • cracked or broken LCD
  • garbled display
  • dark or dimmed display
  • lines or dead pixels


  • accidental dropping
  • accidental sitting or stepping on the laptop
  • busted LCD panel
  • defective LCD panel
  • faulty inverter
  • damaged or dead pixels on LCD panel

Our Process:

We will first identify the problem wether its the LCD panel, inverter or flex cable causing the problem. After of which we will either repair or replace the defective part/s. We repair / replace all types and sizes of LCD panels and inverters. Any brand we can fix.

Call 416-1203 for Laptop LCD Repair

LAPTOP LCD Replacement Sizes

  • 17.3 inches widescreen
  • 17 in. wxga widescreen
  • 16.3 in. wxga widescreen
  • 16.0 in. wxga widescreen
  • 15.6 in. wxga widescreen led/ccfl
  • 15.4 in. wxga widescreen led/ccfl
  • 15.4 in. wxga widescreen led/ccfl
  • 14.0 in. wxga widescreen led/ccfl
  • 14.1in. wxga widescreen led/ccfl
  • 13.3in. wxga widescreen led/ccfl
  • 12.1in. wxga widescreen led/cfl
  • 14.5 inches LED
  • 13.4 inches LED
  • 10.2 inches LED
  • 10.1 inches led
  • 8.9 inches LED
  • 7.0 asus eeepc

Macbook LCD SCREENS are also available

Replacement parts available:




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